Hi, I'm Lina :)

For more than 25 years I have worked in various sewing shops, with different clothing models, tried all kinds of techniques, participated in various projects. Day by day, getting new tasks, I always thought to myself, what I could improve in one or another garment, what detail I would add or change to make it different, even sweeter and more beautiful.

Thus, the desire to free up one's ideas, to start creating gradually grew: from the thought in my head to the beautiful collection in the closet. Although I have sewn a variety of products: from dresses to Christmas costumes, from uniforms to curtains, the greatest love has remained for women’s clothes that are able to inspire self-confidence and are comfortable and stylish.

Today, I mainly create clothes from natural fabrics, I pay special attention to cotton and linen textiles, but I am in favor of versatility - we are each different: with our own expectations and a unique concept of beauty.

Dear ones, I invite you to take a look and buy the clothes you love. Do you have a vision and dream of an exclusive garment? - feel free to write and tell, I will advise / help and together we will be happy with a great new work!